Plaster Repairs

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Plastering is a very specialized trade that is usually handed down from one tradesman to another. Plaster and drywall are 2 completely different skilled trades. Plaster work is almost obsolete in new construction today but there is still a huge demand for authentic plaster repair work in older homes. Some people just want the original plaster when it cones to repairing their homes.  The Drywall King President, Rich J. Wyant, is a skilled plasterer, and has since been passing this trade on to his 2 sons. Plaster work is often referred to as a “dying trade” but the demand is still very much alive. 

The Drywall King provides the following plaster services.

  • All Types of wall and ceiling repairs small or large.
  • All types of decorative texture repairs and texture blending.
  • Texturing and smooth finishes.
  • We fix hairline cracks in plaster caused by your home settling.
  • We can renovate, restore and rehab interiors of all old plaster homes.
  • Wall and ceiling prep work that is needed prior to painting.
  • Texture removal.
  • We fix all repairs from water damage.
  • Decorative molds and archway repairs.
  • Bulging walls
  • We fix damages caused by plumbers or electricians.